Sunday, January 27, 2019

Janaza Announcement

Dear community members,

There will be a Janaza Prayer tomorrow Monday Jan 28th after Zuhr prayer.  Afterwards, the burial will be in the cemetery at Morehouse road and 52. Don't miss the reward of attending the Janaza and the burial.

It was narrated that Al-Musayyab bin Rafi' said:
"I heard Al-Bara' bin 'Azib say: The Messenger of Allah said: 'whoever follows a Janazah until the prayer is offered, he will have one Qirat of reward and whoever walks with the funeral until (the body) is buried will have two Qirats of reward, and a Qirat is like Uhud."'

"O Allah, forgive her. Make her among the guided ones, raise her status and be her deputyamongthe grieving. O Lord of the two worlds, forgive us and hee and make herg gravewide and full of light".