Saturday, February 24, 2018

Common Questions on Islam

Used with permission, The Clear Quran by Dr. Mustafa Khattab (


Islam did not start with Prophet Muhammad in the 7th century. Technically, Islam is the message that was delivered by all the prophets of God from Adam to Muhammad. Islam is neither named after a person or a tribe nor does it end with an -ism. Though each prophet had a relatively different law, the essence of the message of Islam was always the same: have faith in one God and do good. In the Bible, the first four of the Ten Commandments enjoin the worship of one God; the rest urge believers to avoid what is wrong and to do what is good. All prophets and their followers (including Jesus and his disciples) are simply called "Muslims" in the Quran. Hence, anyone who submits to God and strives to be a good person can be called a 'muslim' (with a small 'm') from a linguistic perspective.

Every human being is born with the innate will (fitrah) to submit to God, but parents and society change this nature, and in order to relate to the Almighty, many have put a face on God (mostly human or animal) throughout history. The process of restoring the fitrah is called reversion.

Islam is not only a religion, but a comprehensive way of life. Based on common sense and clear-cut teachings, Islam defines the rights and responsibilities of every individual in regards to their relationship with God and His creation. It balances the spiritual and material needs of its followers and helps them gain happiness in this life and salvation in the next

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Sunday, February 11, 2018

Rooms for Rent - Feb 2018

There are some vacancies in the ISGL tenants rooms. This is a great opportunity providing convenient housing for Purdue students or temporary visitors.

The tenants area is placed right above the masjid (ISGL), which itself is at the heart of the campus (quite literally!). It's a prime location with access to Purdue campus, sports complex and Chauncey mall within 10 minutes of walk (A great plus specially during winter time)

The tenants area has huge living room and kitchen where tenants gather around (with guests sometimes) to sit, chit-chat, relax, cook and dine together.

An important aspect about the place is a library where people can work or read 24/7, in silence.

It has a spacious restroom with 4 toilets, 3 showers and 4 wash basins, which is shared between 5 rooms.

Washing and drying facility is in-house, so you don't have to go anywhere with your laundry.

The utilities are included in the rent but the internet is excluded (depends on the number of tenants).

Following are the types of rooms and their specifications:

No. of rooms and types: 7 (1 single occupancy and 6 double occupancy)

Single Occupancy (includes a private restroom)
Total rooms: 1
Rent: $425 + Internet ($10) = $435
Double Occupancy (Spacious shared restroom with 4 toilets and 3 showers)
Total rooms: 6
Rent: $325 + Internet ($10) = $335
Note: The double occupancy rooms can be rented as a single occupancy room for a much lower price of $500 (including internet).

Rooms are allotted on first come, first served basis, so kindly send in your requests much before you plan to arrive here. For further queries contact
Muhammed Tahir Patel 
Counselor (Resident Affairs)